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FNF Vs. Whitty - [Friday Night Funkin']

About FNF Vs. Whitty - [Friday Night Funkin']


Many dangerous opponents trying to attack Boyfriend and Girlfriend in FNF Vs. Whitty - [Friday Night Funkin']. Help the main characters beat all of them now!

Challenge the tunes in FNF Vs. Whitty - [Friday Night Funkin']

Make every effort to prevail in order to drive out the ominous foes that are attacking Boyfriend and Girlfriend. The task this week is especially difficult and will require even greater expertise on your part to succeed.

Players will be deeply affected by the challenger figure for this week, Whitmore, who has a bomb-shaped head. He became enraged when the Girlfriend's radio played "beep bop skeedop" music. He, therefore, devised bad activities to target his girlfriend and boyfriend. Boyfriend's task in this scene is to combat him by producing the most comprehensive music to quell this perilous character's rage.

Songs in FNF Vs. Whitty - [Friday Night Funkin']

  • Lo-Fight
  • Overhead
  • Ballistics (new)
  • Ballistic (old) (Freemode)
  • Remorse – Featuring UpDike

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How to control: Use the arrow keys to play.