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Geometry Dash Figures

About Geometry Dash Figures


A Medium Demon level with 10 stars is Geometry Dash Figures. It's a straightforward copy of Nine Circles with a darker pink motif. Come and have fun!

What do you know about Geometry Dash Figures

  • Even though the length of the level is listed as Long, it is actually Medium. It is because of the 1.9-length framework. The length of the level was determined by the number of items used.
  • Even though the first ship could easily confuse a less experienced player, many competent players consider the level to be very easy.
  • One of only a few Nine Circles Demons, along with SuperNova and Ultimate Circles, began as a ship.
  • The fact that no level in Nine Circles with the music "Figures" can be copied (including Figurative) is an odd coincidence.
  • In the past, this level was categorized as Insane 9*.
  • One of the few Nine Circles levels without the creator's mark and "GG/GJ" written on it is here. Also, they finish before they go down. Let's play FNF Mods, Geometry Dash Astral Divinity, Geometry Dash Poltergeist, and Outspell to have more fun!

Game control

Use the mouse or the space bar.