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Geometry Dash Poltergeist

About Geometry Dash Poltergeist


If you are a big fan of fast-paced games, you can skip Geometry Dash Poltergeist. You can experience the fast speed of a square on a road. Good luck!

Geometry Dash Poltergeist gameplay

The level begins with a straightforward cube segment with a few jumps and tricks. A straightforward ball sequence with a few saw blades and a second cube sequence with a few jump orbs follow. Recurring blue pads and invisible-size portals are placed during a build-up transition prior to the drop, providing the first indication of a subsequent upgrade. After that, the player gets close to two spikes, which shows that the beat is about to end. At the point when the beat brings down, the trouble increments and the player enters one of the game's most eminent wave parts. When played at triple speed, there are numerous fakes, tight places, and tricky timings. There are many other games with easy gameplay such as FNF Mods, Geometry Dash Firework, Geometry Dash Sakupen Hell, Geometry Dash Kenos, etc.

Game control: use the mouse or the space bar.