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Geometry Dash Sakupen Hell

About Geometry Dash Sakupen Hell


Are you confident enough to overcome the thorny road in Geometry Dash Sakupen Hell? You must react quickly to overcome all obstacles on the way.

History in Geometry Dash Sakupen Hell

To compete with Cataclysm and ICE Carbon Diablo X for the title of "toughest Demon" (at the time), Noobas decided to construct Sakupen Hell, a brand-new Extreme Demon. In Update 2.0, Noobas redecorated the level by replacing the final straight fly mini-ship phase with a very difficult twin wave part. When Noobas attempted to rebrand himself as a respectable player, the level was later removed.

Riot started out trying to complete the level, but he eventually gave up and said he was leaving. Later, JakeSJ (at the time Furry Dash) tried, but neither of them made much progress. After validating and posting the level on August 14, 2016, after 22,199 tries, TrusTa was the first to make significant progress and resurrect the level's popularity, albeit with a minor nerf to the first mini-wave part (making it slightly larger). This game isn't the only game on our website, you can experience Geometry Dash Kenos, Geometry Dash Zodiac, FNF Mods, Mahjong Relax, and Coloring Fun 4 Kids.

Game control: use the mouse or the space bar to play.