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Geometry Dash Kenos

About Geometry Dash Kenos


A difficult journey in Geometry Dash Kenos is waiting for you to conquer. You will have to conquer many difficulties and challenges in this game.

Some useful things about Geometry Dash Kenos for you

  • Joined has previously guaranteed a less difficult form of the level, in any case, it has not yet been distributed to the GD servers.
  • npesta's 135,320 attempts were once the most over the top at any point spent on an approved undertaking, outperforming Knobbelboy's 121,296 endeavors on Bloodlust check. Sevant, however, broke this record with his Diabolic ClubStep verification of more than 171,000 tries.
  • The question of whether this is harder than Zodiac is up for debate, but it isn't as heated as the Bloodlust vs. Plasma Pulse Finale argument.
  • It takes you to a layout replica of one of Kenos' wave sections if you miss the yellow orb at level PP's dip. In addition to this game, you have a lot of options such as FNF Mods, Geometry Dash Zodiac, Mahjong Relax, Outspell, etc.

Game control

Click the left mouse button or the space bar to jump over.