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Geometry Dash Firework

About Geometry Dash Firework


Geometry Dash Firework is an interesting game in which you have to control a square. There are tons of obstacles along the road. Can you conquer this game?

What do you know about Geometry Dash Firework

The current captain of Cherry Team, Vernam, posted a video titled "Firework is almost impossible in present condition (Bad noclip and Broken sync)" on YouTube on April 7, 2019. According to Vernam, the Cherry Team will adorn the level as part of their newest project. The decorators set to work immediately away, and two months after the plan was announced, a few components were completed: Lilium's first part, Konsi's part, Grayrain's part, and Desumari's two sections. Dolphy, who was the level's verifier at the time, made the decision to publish the initial Firework preview on his channel, which comprised all of the components previously mentioned. Our website also offers many other games such as Geometry Dash Sakupen Hell, Geometry Dash Kenos, Geometry Dash Zodiac, FNF Mods, etc to you.

Game control: use the mouse or the space bar to play.