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Geometry Dash Nine Circles

About Geometry Dash Nine Circles


Control a small character in Geometry Dash Nine Circles. Your mission is to help it overcome all obstacles along the road. Let's enjoy this game.

More information about coins in Geometry Dash Nine Circles

This level has three user coins, each of which requires a substantial amount of skill to gather. The second coin is perhaps the most difficult to collect, whereas the third and first coins are significantly simpler.

The first coin is discovered in the ball section. To return to the original path, the player must avoid a yellow orb, fall on fake spikes, and switch gravity.

The second coin may be located in the wave section. There is a coin on top of a saw blade while the player is in an anti-gravity wave. To obtain it, the player must take an alternate route and utilize precise timing to avoid hitting the saw blade. To escape the danger zone after acquiring the coin, click once before clicking and holding a second time.

The last coin may be located in the final cube region. Hitting the edge of the second-to-last jump pad and bouncing on the jump orb in the final second propels the cube far enough away from the last jump pad and under Zobros' name to propel it under Zobros' name. Besides this game, we also recommend other games such as Geometry Dash The Edge, Slenderman Must Die: Survivors, Squidly Game 123 Stop, FNF Mods, Stick War: New Age, etc.

Game control: use the mouse to play.