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Squidly Game 123 Stop

About Squidly Game 123 Stop


Do you enjoy playing large-scale escape and survival games? Squidly Game 123 Stop is an improved and more interesting version of the previous edition.

Make an effort to beat the other players to the red finish line without being detected by the red light at the end of the race. Make every effort to avoid detection! You can listen to the song to know when the light will turn red. When the song is almost over, you should stop. When the light turns green, you can keep moving. This game is inspired by the famous game Squid Game. Are you ready to play this game? If you don't like this game you can play Crazy Intersection, FNF Mods, Stickman Imposter, or Stickman Shooter 3 Among Monsters.

Features of Squidly Game 123 Stop

  • Simple control and easy gameplay
  • Impressive graphics
  • Playing full-screen is available

Game control

Hold to move, release to stop.