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Geometry Dash UwU

About Geometry Dash UwU


Geometry Dash UwU is an arcade game that can be played on mobile devices or desktops. You control a cube to pass over all obstacles along the road.

How to conquer Geometry Dash UwU

You must avoid and overcome the obstacles in this game for smooth movement! As you move through hazardous areas loaded with prickly dangers, jump and run. You'll grow better the more leaping and running you do! Run once more and then some more!

Be cautious not to get lost in the wonderful soundtrack or you can end yourself stuck as you visit numerous intriguing places. Utilize the practice mode prior to taking on the run and dive challenge to challenge yourself to nearly impossible tasks to enhance your abilities and game. Moreover, you also can practice your skills with Hotel Tycoon Empire, Basketball King, Slashville3D, or FNF Mods.

How to control: use the mouse or the space bar to play.