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About Hexologic


Hexologic is a 3D great adventure game where you can travel through forgotten territories. Let's solve difficult puzzles and enjoy relaxing sounds!

The principles in Hexologic

The game reimagines the rules of sudoku using hexagonal grids. The gratifying challenge of merging the dots within the hexes in the three available orientations so that their sum equals that at the edge will appeal to both seasoned puzzle game players and puzzle game newbies. For gamers of all ages, the combination of straightforward gaming mechanics, gorgeous graphics, calming soundtrack, and difficult yet manageable puzzles will provide hours of pleasure. Up to the last detail, more than 90 levels. Six entirely distinct gaming worlds, each with its unique set of gameplay elements. By entering Hexologic, you may show that you are the true hexes master! Our website also gives you many options such as Geography Quiz, Cookie Crush 4, Jungle Bubble Shooter, FNF Mods, etc.

Game control: use the mouse.