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Cookie Crush 4

About Cookie Crush 4


You can see many delicious cakes in Cookie Crush 4. Your task is to consume them by matching 3 of the same cakes. This is a game where you have to strategize.

The rules in Cookie Crush 4

You'll learn about the world of sweets from this match-3 puzzle game. Donuts, cookies, and slices of cake will be your required iconography. These adorable icons may be arranged in groups either vertically or horizontally. Drag the symbols around to reposition them. In the event that you have three of these icons, they will vanish from the grid. They might be gathered. If you have more than three groups, you can start a chain reaction and gain extra collectible icons. You are limited and allowed a certain number of moves, and you can only get one random icon. See how far we can get through these stages now. This game is fun to you, but you want to try thrilling games. Why don't you play Jungle Bubble Shooter, FNF Mods, Wrestler Rush, Foxy Land, and Slide Blocks Puzzle.

Game control

  • Click the left mouse button to choose the cake.
  • Then, hold and swipe the mouse to change the cake's position.