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Idle Fashion Shop

About Idle Fashion Shop


Do you love fashion? You will own a clothing store in the Idle Fashion Shop. Grow your clothing store into a famous fashion brand. Let's have fun!

Develop your fashion store in Idle Fashion Shop

Others will be attracted to your shop by your designs! To win the hearts of your clients, open additional stores and raise the caliber of your existing ones. You may start your own clothing business. Do not be alarmed by the difficult task. Your brand will develop so swiftly that you'll be astounded. You can take over the management of the store. Replace the worn-out hangers with fresh ones as you accompany the clients to the register.

To make sure there are no missing products in the store, you may check them all. You may extend your area, search the shop for any missing things, or purchase upgrades to raise the caliber and security of your products. You can steal the bag that VIP customers are leaving with to get some more money. To start your own shoe or accessory company, you might invest in new branches. In case you aren't interested in this game, FNF Mods, Stick War Adventure, Geometry Dash Wubister, Geometry Fresh, and Julias Food Truck are always here.

Game control: use the mouse to play.