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About Imperor.io


Expand your territory by conquering other territories in Imperor.io. Be careful of enemies who want to take your territory. This game is great to entertain.

How to play Imperor.io

In order to guide your kingdom to success in this game, you can conquer every territory. You may increase your wealth, improve your castle, and purchase more troops. You can speed up the training of your troops as well. I wish you luck as you conquer the globe!

In order to win this single-player game, you must conquer every region that your kingdom's enemies control. Gain gold, capture territory, enhance your castle, better train your men, and so forth. Unlock all castle skins for free. Now, enjoy!

Drag the castle to the location you choose by clicking on it and dragging it there. To obtain new skins, you may level up your warriors and improve your fortress. Besides this game, you can have fun with Gorillaz Tiles of the Unexpected, Witch Killer, FNF Mods, Pretty Avatar Maker, and Space Rescue.

Game control

Use the mouse to play the game.