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Roll The Block

About Roll The Block


Roll The Block is a puzzle game where you have to roll a block to the destination. Of course, you have to solve some problems to complete the mission.

Welcome to the Roll The Block game

In order to solve the puzzles and advance in the game, you can apply "a little ingenuity" in this game. The goal of this game is to perfectly position the block in the red zone. The game will restart if players let the block fall, thus they must prevent this from happening. You'll see a spike in difficulty starting around level 8. Can you complete every level of this game? Kids can enjoy themselves by playing this game as well. Additionally, a lot of games are appropriate for players of all ages. They are Vex 4, Santa Snakes, Geometry Dash Figures, Geometry Dash Figures, and FNF Mods.

How to play Roll The Block

  • Scroll the screen to roll the block.
  • In order to go there, you must move the block.
  • Don't let yourself slide off the edges.
  • A solution hint facilitates gameplay.