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Sky Stick

About Sky Stick


Sky Stick is a 3D running game with simple gameplay and many different levels. Your goal is to reach the finish line. You have to overcome many challenges.

Sky Stick gameplay

In this game, you need to complete the track without getting stuck on the obstacles. Don't fall into the gaps on the track. The green part will help you go fast, while the red part will slow you down. The red part helps you to restore the original speed after you go through the blue part. You need to jump over traps to keep running. Join the game now and improve your running skills. In addition to this game, we also provide many other games like FNF Mods, Geometry Dash Tumult, Squid Challenge Escape, Squid Game Jigsaw, etc. All these games can be played on mobile or desktop.

How to control

  • Left Arrow to move left
  • Right Arrow to move right
  • Up Arrow to jump.