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Squid Challenge Escape

About Squid Challenge Escape


Relax with Squid Challenge Escape. This is a challenging action and survival game that will keep you entertained. Pick up your gun and aim at the enemy!

Fight for your life in Squid Challenge Escape

You're forced to join the Suid Game, but you know it's a dangerous game. So you need to get out of here. Make the most of your time to escape from the Squid Game! One of the players in these games chose to escape from the game venue and ran away to try to escape the game facility. You discover a large number of weapons. You will use these weapons to destroy Squid Game's security guards and robots. Shoot all the hooded enemies as well as the island commanding drones. Help other players escape this terrible island. Once you finish your journey in this game, you can continue your journey of discovery in Squid Game Jigsaw, Helicopter Escape, FNF Mods, and Squid Hero Impostor.

How to control

  • Use the keyboard arrows on the desktop
  • Touch the screen controls on mobile devices.