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Squid Hero Impostor

About Squid Hero Impostor


Let's play Squid Hero Impostor! This game will surprise you because it will combine 2 famous games. You will have relaxing moments with this game.

What is Squid Hero Impostor?

This is a famous game and it is a great combination of Squid Game and Among Us. You will encounter characters in the Squid game, but the rules are somewhat similar to the Among Us game. You will transform into an ink hero. Your mission is to destroy all impostors to achieve victory. When you kill all the impostors you will pass all the levels. In each level, you have to face different monsters and different obstacles. You have to survive and overcome increasingly difficult obstacles. Survive to find the key. After finding the key, you can open the locked doors. In case you want to play other games, Geometry Dash Saturn V, Geometry Dash Saguaro, Geometry Dash Meat Rush, and FNF Mods are always here.

How to play Squid Hero Impostor

  • Use WASD keys to move.
  • Kill all enemies get the key and find the door.
  • Watch out for obstacles.
  • Mobile touch control.