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Smash Karts

About Smash Karts


Prepare yourself today for the most exciting kart racing ever! On The Smash Island, your career as a true racer can restart or it might come to an end. Invite your friends, participate in the race, and show off your skills. The competition intensifies as the participants eliminate one another. What will happen in the end? If you want to find out, let the game begin! You also can find thrilling feelings in FNF vs AGOTI Mod of fnf mods.

Play Smash Karts and defeat your opponents to claim victory.

In this multiplayer racing game played online, competition is focused on more than just speed. You'll have to use your driving, shooting, aiming, and most importantly, patience! Considering that your supposed pals are getting ready to knife you in the back. As soon as the game begins, give your character a moniker. You may also view the stats for your character in the main menu. Either create a brand-new room and invite your pals to it or hop into an already-existing one.

More rules of Smash Karts

When the area is altered, the racing field also changes. Throughout the race, make an effort to collect as many boxes as you can. Some of them will provide you with powerful weapons to eliminate your rivals more rapidly. You may view the life meter at the very top of the game's screen. If the life meter fills up, you should wait a few seconds before reconnecting to the game. I'm wishing you luck and success!

Controls: Controls WASD or arrow keys to drive Space to fire weapons.