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Snake Yo

About Snake Yo


Control a snake in Snake Yo. You need to collect as much magical food as possible to grow up. Be careful with many other snakes on the playing ground.

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In this game, help your snake steal as much energy as possible while avoiding the other snakes. To get points, collect stars and magical food. The more magical food you collect, the larger your snake will become. Surround foes with other individuals to take out their opponents for bonus points. To accelerate, use the dash power. You won't be lonely in this game because you have to compete with many other players. You can play this game on all devices such as smartphones or desktops. Are you ready for this thrilling combat? You can join many other battles such as Wizard School, Solitaire Story Tripeaks 3, FNF Mods, Speedrun Platformer, etc.

Game control

Swipe the mouse to control the snake.