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Solitaire Seasons

About Solitaire Seasons


Enjoying the cool summer air is easy with Solitaire Seasons. You have the opportunity to win the game by utilizing your math skills and card-playing talents.

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You may gauge your card-playing prowess with the aid of this solitary game. A deck of cards will be accessible once a predetermined number of stages have been completed. The card that you are presently viewing can be at the bottom of the deck of cards, you can see. At the center of the table, there will be a large number of cards.

To assemble a deck, you must choose some. By inspecting the open card, you may select the cards from the deck. You can decide to pick a card whose value is either one point greater or lower than the value indicated at the bottom. Use the joker or backup card if none of the other alternatives are available. There isn't much time left, so you need to get rid of all the cards in the center of the board as quickly as you can. You can improve your calculation skills in Pool Party, Sumo.io, Butterfly Kyodai, FNF Mods, and Forest Match.

Game control: use the mouse.