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About Sumo.io


Be the strongest sumo in the Sumo.io game. You need to replenish energy and increase strength by eating a lot of sushi. Push your opponent out of the ring.

Get a victory in Sumo.io

You'll learn how to use your power sumo in this game. Your goal is to rule the ring! If you can force your rival into the water, you will prevail. Consume a lot of sushi to grow muscle. You may select from a variety of playing grounds and skins throughout the game. The pinnacle of the food chain is possible to reach. When you push someone back, they will retreat. Your character will get more powerful and tough as a result. You should take advantage of this opportunity. You must remove every other player in order to win. To do this, you'll need to move about and apply force. Other fights that you may participate in ONO Card Game, Skydom, FNF Mods, Butterfly Kyodai, and Forest Match.

How to control

Use the SPACE, mouse buttons, or WASD keys to control.