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Word Swipe

About Word Swipe


Let's challenge your IQ and vocabulary with Word Swipe! You need to find out meaningful words from the given letters. You have to prepare a lot of vocabulary.

Test your vocabulary with Word Swipe

Now is the perfect opportunity to test your word knowledge and add to your vocabulary. You must construct words in this game using letters that are arranged in a 10x10 grid. To extract workable words from a vast number of letters, one needs a wide vocabulary and good concentration skills. Moving the cursor over the letters allows you to easily swipe through them. Characters that are put across from or next to each other can be navigated by moving the cursor over them.

These letters can be used to form new words, eliminating previously used letters. You'll get points and additional room for doing this. You can advance to the following level whenever you reach the desired amount of lines. Use your aiding bonuses, such as the bomb, which may help you eliminate certain letters, as well as the bonus shuffle, without hesitation. You only want to play entertaining games. Why don't you play Adventures with Pets! Bubble Shooter, Colors Of Holi, FNF Mods, or Imperor.io.

Game control

Use the mouse to play.