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Zen Triple 3D

About Zen Triple 3D


If you are finding a game for your leisure time, you should choose Zen Triple 3D. It is a matching game that has colorful graphics and addictive gameplay.

How to play Zen Triple 3D

Discover three of the same thing! You only need to find and connect three objects that are similar to one another till the bubble ball is completely clear to solve the problem and become an expert at it. Turn the ball 360 degrees around! The main difference is that you may rotate the bubble containing all of the objects to view them from any angle. Make use of the props wisely! Despite the fact that it might be challenging to distinguish between the items in the bubble, you can utilize props to speed up the process. This game can't challenge or show off your skills. You should try Garden Tales, Classic Solitaire Blue, Jewels Blitz 5, Geometry Dash Crying Souls, or FNF Mods. They are more suitable for you.

Game control: use the mouse.