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Geometry Dash Crying Souls

About Geometry Dash Crying Souls


Geometry Dash Crying Souls is a Demon level rated 10 stars and 3 user coins. It was created and released by Knobbelboy. Let's enjoy this game!

User coins in Geometry Dash Crying Souls

The player must descend to an alternate path at 17% in order to reach the first coin, which is located in the first wave section. The player will move to an upward path to get a key if they strike an additional orb in the initial cube section. With the second user coin, the player will teleport to a new location if they are unable to strike the orb within the mini-portal at 47% of the ship segment.

You can get a second key by going to the above "slope" at 7% in the ship transition, where a sawblade will vanish rather than kill you. It also disappears with part of the above slope. The last coin is then at 95% in the final cube segment, and the player may reach it by using a covert yellow ball to land on a hidden platform. In addition, we want to recommend Bubble Shooter Candy 2, Yummy Tales, FNF Mods, Sumo.io, and Skydom to you.

Game control

Click the mouse or press the space bar to jump.