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Fruit Connect

About Fruit Connect


Fruit Connect is a fantastic game in which you must match identical fruit, vegetable, or flower images to complete each stage. Play this game to have fun!

The rule success in Fruit Connect

When the game first starts, there are more than 20 distinct fruit, vegetable, and flower symbols available. You must match icons that have a similar appearance. It is not that simple. To allow them to be matched as the same, there shouldn't be another sign in between them. They can be put together crosswise, in a line, or upside down. In each direction, you wish to match them, make sure there is enough room between them. To finish all icons within the allotted time, you'll need to come up with a thorough plan. At the conclusion of each level, your score may be seen. This game isn't suitable for you. Stickman Dismounting, Zen Triple 3D, Classic Solitaire Blue, and FNF Mods are always here.

Game control

Use the mouse to match the same icons.