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Geometry Dash Acid Rush

About Geometry Dash Acid Rush


Geometry Dash Acid Rush was created by Serponge, Lumpy, Jayuff, TheDevon, Echonox, Motleyorc, Alkali, Kips, and Codex. Jump or fly over spikes!

What is Geometry Dash Acid Rush

Serponge hosted and Luqualizer approved the Hard Demon mega-collaboration known as Geometry Dash Acid Rush on November 24, 2017. This game is the first level in the "Acid Rush" game series. Its color pattern is green and yellow, which are both associated with acids. This game is too challenging for you, you can move to Geometry Dash WonderGame I, Geometry Dash Still Life, FNF Mods, or Snowboard Kings 2022.

User coins in Geometry Dash Acid Rush

  • The first coin can be discovered at 29%. To collect it, the user only needs to click on the first pink orb.
  • The second coin is in place at 41%. After exiting the orange teleportation portal, the player must quickly leap to obtain it.
  • The third and final coin can be found at 82%. In order to collect it after switching to a mini-wave, the player must fly higher.