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Geometry Dash Still Life

About Geometry Dash Still Life


Come with the rhythm and speed background in the game Geometry Dash Still Life. You will help the square go through all the difficulties along the way.

Geometry Dash Still Life gameplay

In this game, the square moves all by itself. To leap when necessary, simply click, and to control a vehicle, use up/down. Make sure your music is on and enjoy the experience since the way you avoid obstacles is frequently in time with the beat!

As you go through the stages, there are several portions with hip new sounds, hues, and skills that need more focus. It's a fantastic musical adventure! When you finish this adventure, many other journeys are waiting for you in Snowboard Kings 2022, FNF Mods, Geometry Dash UwU, or Hotel Tycoon Empire.

Tips to win Geometry Dash Still Life

Syncing your movements to the music is the finest piece of advice. Maintain your composure. You'll have a lot more fun playing if you're not stressed out! Practice! You will eventually learn the tiny motions required to advance. Inform people about your accomplishments and get some tips from other players.