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Geometry Dash WonderGame I

About Geometry Dash WonderGame I


It's time to run in Geometry Dash WonderGame I. Your main character is a square. Let's accompany it to overcome many obstacles and traps on the way.

The process of Geometry Dash WonderGame I

Segments of a spacecraft, robots, and cubes make up the level's beginning. They are often relatively simple to pass.

The robot and its component components then reappear. This time, instead of being cyclical, they are intricate with shifting platforms. You must leap cautiously in this area.

A finished component of the ship is the level. You must first fly between the pillars. The boss encounter then starts in the middle of the road. The boss's only attack is to cover a certain area with blocks that will eventually disappear. The boss initially assaults the level's top, followed by the level's bottom, and eventually, both levels end (except the center). When you complete this adventure, you can join other journeys in FNF Mods, Geometry Dash Still Life, Snowboard Kings 2022, or Geometry Dash UwU.

Game control: use the mouse to play.