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Onet Connect Classic

About Onet Connect Classic


Many adorable animals will appear in Onet Connect Classic! Do you possess the abilities and tenacity necessary to connect every animal in the allotted time?

The principles in Onet Connect Classic

To finish the board in this puzzle game, you must link similar critters. Similar species are simple to relate to one. There must be two rules. The time restriction must first be followed. The board must be cleared of matching tiles in five minutes. The game is over if time runs out. The inability to connect two identical animals with another animal tile is a second restriction. If there is a block tile, you cannot match your animals. Use the hint button at the top of the screen if you run into any issues. You can shuffle any tiles you don't like by using the shuffle button. Have a great time! You shouldn't play a game for a long time because it will cause bored. You have many other choices on our web such as FNF Mods, Kris Mahjong Remastered, Fruit Connect, Zen Triple 3D, etc.

Game control: use the mouse.