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Scary Wheels

About Scary Wheels


Scary Wheels is a physics-based game where you reach your destination. Avoid all obstacles along the race! Select your favorite character and start the game!

Play Scary Wheels online

Experience the realistic physics racing game on your phone, Scary Wheels offers an exciting mix of great tracks, a bit of luck, and deadly challenges. Feel the breakneck speed as you negotiate your way through deadly survival courses. Choose your crazy driver, and help him overcome the obstacles along the way. Touch the finish line to level up. Don't let anything stop you from winning. This game has many gore scenes so it is not suitable for young children. To play more games similar to this one, you can check out our fnf mods. This website has many kinds of the game such as Super Friday Night VS Neon, Super Friday night Squid Chanllenge, FNF vs Corrupted Tankman (Corrupted Night) Mod, etc. Enjoy!

How to control

  • Up: Accelerate
  • Down: Decelerate
  • Right: Lean Forward
  • Left: Lean Back