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Sonik Run

About Sonik Run


Let's accompany a famous character in Sonik Run. You need to collect all rings and diamonds on the road. Be careful of your enemies and spikes.

Meet Sonic in the Sonik Run game

Do you recognize the video game protagonist Sonic from the Sonic the Hedgehog series? Sonic was developed by Sega and is based on a Japanese video game and media brand. An animated series called Sonic the Hedgehog features anthropomorphized green hedgehog Sonic as he faces off against the mad scientist Doctor Eggman. Play this Sonik Run game to discover more about a little aspect of this popular brand. In this game, you need to run as fast as possible. You can see many rings and diamonds along the road. Let's get them by going through them. Moreover, you can see many enemies and spikes. Don't touch them. Otherwise, you will restart the game. You can have many fun adventures in Roll The Block, Vex 4, Geometry Dash Poltergeist, and FNF Mods.

Game control

Touch the screen or use the mouse button to jump.