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Zen Cube 3D

About Zen Cube 3D


You can experience beautiful graphics in the Zen Cube 3D game. You need to use your strategy to find out hidden things in this game. Let's relax with this game.

Improve your puzzle-solving skills in Zen Cube 3D

This calm and hard puzzle-solving exercise will help you enhance your problem-solving abilities. This new puzzle genre is an excellent alternative to classic puzzles. You may examine items and photos from every aspect, devise novel techniques for completing stages and discover new cubes for the next level. Hold the cubes and slide them across the screen to move the construction.

How to conquer Zen Cube 3D

The cubes in front of you are now visible. You must now select three similar cubes and insert them in the spaces provided. You must use these slots wisely since you will soon run out of them. Keep an eye on the countdown to prevent wasting time. The game can be paused at any time. Click the magnifier button to automatically match three cubes. You must progress through the stages to unlock additional surprise boosters. By finishing levels with high scores, you can obtain both star and level chests. Besides this game, we want to introduce Speedrun Platformer, Bingo Blitz, FNF Mods, Alu's Revenge 2, and Four Colors World Tour Multiplayer.