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Zoombie Clash 3D

About Zoombie Clash 3D


Aim and shoot at zombies in Zoombie Clash 3D. You will be equipped with powerful weapons to fight against the zombies. Don't let them attack you!

Shoot all zombies in Zoombie Clash 3D

Join a group of Harlequins as they battle deadly Zombies this Halloween to reclaim an old circus location. You'll lead your way to success if you're equipped with weapons like crossbows and double-barreled shotguns! Keep an eye out; the adversary wants this as well, so be ready for tough opposition. Delivering the Scarecrow figure there while sneaking inside the Mad Circus where they have congregated is when things start to get interesting! In this spooky game, you may upgrade your weapons as you go and discover golden skins. There won't be much time left for adventure once all these conflicts are over, so the more zombies (zombified humans) you kill, but don't allow them to bite or infect you. You have a chance to join many other battles in Merge Defense, Geometry Dash Acid Rush, FNF Mods, or Geometry Dash WonderGame I.


  • WASD - movement
  • SPACE - jump
  • C - crouch
  • RMB - aim
  • TAB - score table.