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Mahjong Connect

About Mahjong Connect


Mahjong Connect originated from the game of mahjong in China and it spread to the whole world. Many people like this game because of the peaceful gameplay.

The objective of Mahjong Connect

To finish each level of this game before the timer expires is the objective. Click the play button in the main menu to start playing the game using your mouse. There will be a lot of tiles on your screen when you first start. To remove a tile from the board, click on it. Find a pair that is comparable next. The level is finished after all tiles have been eliminated. Your current level and time are displayed at the bottom of your screen. The tiles that have been stacked on top of one another will fall when a tile is removed from the arrangement. You'll be able to pick out and eliminate more tiles as a result. After completing all levels of this game, you can experience Hexologic, Geography Quiz, FNF Mods, Cookie Crush 4, and Wrestler Rush.

Control: use the mouse.